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 How Much Will It Cost?

Beginning a new career requires an investment in time and money. To get started the steps are:

1. Complete 40 hours of a pre-licensing course through a state approved school. $395.00


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Careers: Attributes of a Real Estate Salesperson

  • Organizational Skills

    Real estate is a business where rewards are in direct proportion to effort. The more organized and consistent the efforts, the greater the rewards.

  • Self Starters

    While hard work and the right efforts are essential, there is no compensation for just showing up everyday. You must be able to establish clear goals, organize your priorities and stay focused on your objectives.

  • Communication Skills

    A key element of a sales associate’s success is the ability to identify, understand and meet a client’s needs. Communication skills, especially listening skills, enable this to happen.

  • Confidence

    Great sales associates know they have the skills necessary to help people realize their real estate goals.

  • Emotional Stamina

    Sales requires the ability to overcome resistance and maintain a positive attitude.

  • Physical Stamina

    Listing and selling property is hard work and requires flexible hours.

  • Relationship Support

    Great sales associates are supported by the confidence, trust and understanding of their friends and loved ones. Their families have a clear knowledge of the demanding nature of a real estate career.

  • Financial Stability

    Savings that will ensure a new associate can live comfortably for the first few months of his/her career enables the associate to concentrate on real estate and not commissions.

  • Change Management

    Accepting change and adapting quickly is imperative in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of real estate.

  • Service-Oriented

    Great real estate associates realize that service to the client guarantees success.

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Sign up and pay with your Credit/Debit card by clicking the links below.

Pay For Class: $395 - Includes Study Book



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